Need A Streaming PC for my wife

Hey All,
I am looking to build a streaming PC for my wife.  She is a stay at home mom with our kids and streaming seems to be a escape for her, be able to connect with random people and just chat while playing some video games.  That being said, she does have a pretty decent computer that I purchased a couple years ago, and she wants me to start gaming with her.  I figured if I was to do this, might as well take hers and give her a true streaming pc.  Below is what I am planning to build.  Yes I know that a couple parts aren't available yet (RTX 3070) but will this be a solid gaming / streaming PC for her, for 2-3 years without needing upgrades?

CPU : Ryzen 3700x
Mobo : x570 or b550
GPU : RTX 3070
Ram : 32gbs ddr4-3200 G.Skill Ripjaw 2x16
Power Supply : 650w 80gold power supply (awaiting availability on these too, probably corsair or thermaltake)
Storage : m.2 nvme 3d NAND wd750   1tb  / barracuda 2tb hdd
Case : Insert cool case with rgbs (she loves rgb)

27" 1440p 144hz 1ms monitor for gaming
22" 1080p 144hz 1ms monitor for her 2nd monitor.


  • TSTonyV
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    Hello @JustAHusband07! Welcome to the Community. 

    Speaking from experience, that would be a solid system overall. I have a 3700X and an RTX 2080 Super, and it handles streaming like a breeze. 32GB of RAM is pretty overkill though, 16GB would be plenty if the most intense thing you're doing is streaming, so I'd recommend saving some cost there. I think you'll be very happy with that setup and it should last you quite a while. 
  • JustAHusband07
    Ok cool.  @TSTonyV thank you for the insight.
  • TheITDad
    And if your looking for a cool RGB case the Corsair iCUE 220T comes in white and black and comes with some RGB fans and also doesn't break the bank at 110 bucks and occasionally goes on sale for under 100.  And yeah 32gb of ram is pretty overkill unless she plans to start making videos as well for youtube or the like. But a nice 16gb kit at 2x8 would work and can easily be upgrade to 32 at 4x8 in the future by buying a second kit.  And latest "rumors" are that both AMD and Nvidia are launching their cards in september.  So this might be a good Black Friday build for this coming year.
  • JustAHusband07
    @TheITDad Yeah idk about case.  I am letting her pick it out.  I personally dont care too much for the RGB stuff myself, but she wants something to marvel at and take pictures of, for her stream to ogle over I guess.  (Atleast she doesn't want diamonds).  Black Friday / Prime Day was what I was figuring for purchasing everything.  
  • Wormstore
    I don’t think 32gb ram is necessarily overkill. It depends on what games your streaming.  Triple A titles can be pretty memory intensive. That said, if you stream e-sports games and stream at 1080p, you should be good. Thankfully, prices are still reasonable, so starting with an 2x8 kit is fine. If you need the memory, you can step it up down the road. 
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