Another instore Repair — Micro Center

Another instore Repair

Yesterday 5/19 I took my computer to my MicroCenter in St David’s PA, paid 40$ for my build to be fixed. Worked fine when I got home, played some games, shut down my computer. Later last night I went to hop back on again, but the same problem has occurred (my motherboards light will turn on, but mouse, keyboard, and monitor will not) when i go back to get this issue fixed am I going to have to pay full price again? 


  • TSMikeWTSMikeW admin
    No, we do offer a 30 day warranty on our labor. If you bring this back in we'll  open it as a rework and take a look at it, since it is having the same issue. Sounds like a cold boot issue. This is generally down to RAM, and it's a matter of tweaking the settings to get a consistent a boot. 
  • Thank you for the answer! I’m actually on my way there now 
  • I have an Asus computer and a HP printer, the printer won't print. I bought new ink, it still won't print black and white. My question is can I bring them both in to be looked at? I also need to computer to be cleaned up for storage space.
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