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What should i changed?

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Here my build specs:
Cpu: AMD ryzen 3600x
Mobo: ASRock x570 gaming phantom 4
Gpu: Sapphire pulse AMD Radeon 580x
Ram: Corsair 3200  16 gb
Storage 512gb NVMe / 4 tb hdd
Power supply: Corsair rm750
Case: nzxt 510

I want to know if this compatible and if not what should i upgrade or take out 


  • Everything in your build looks good and you won't have any issues compatibility wise. I've mentioned this in several other POST's, but with RAM on the Zen 2's. 3600 is the default speed for the fclk. If you're asynchronous you're going to take a latency hit. It's beneficial to spend a little more for DDR4-3600 to run it synchronously.
  • ok thanks for the info
  • Like TSMikeW said 3600 is the best speed and the best deal on that speed of ram is the G. Skill Ripjaws V series.  They have 3 3600 kits ranging from 70-85 bucks depending on what you want your CL to be.  Honestly the best kit is the CL16 kit that is only 83.99 before tax so about 90 bucks tax and all which for a 3600 speed kit with a CL of 16 thats pretty good.
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