2017 Macbook Pro keyboard repair timeframe

Hi, I have a 2017 15 in Macbook Pro that has some keys starting to fail (f,g,h area of the keyboard) and from what I can tell it seems to be covered under the apple keyboard service program found here and since the apple store near me is closed I was directed to my local micro center here in St. Louis Park (who don't seem to be accepting phone calls? I keep getting hung up on) so I thought I would post my question here.

The keys sort of work if I press hard enough so it is more annoying than show-stopping, but I would still like to get it fixed. I do, however, need the laptop for work so I am wondering if such a keyboard repair would be a same-day fix since it seems to be a common problem or if it would take two days or more in order for that to be completed. I understand that may be a local store question but I cant seem to get in touch with my local store so I thought I would ask here.

Thank you!


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    Hello @sloanesky! Welcome to the Community.

    Between diagnostics to figure out the exact cause of the issue and ordering the parts from Apple, we would likely need to keep the computer for at least a few days, possibly longer with how things have been lately. The service desk at your local store would be able to give you a better estimate, but I can say for sure a fix like this is not something we could do same day. 
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