I need an audio converter to convert cassette and minidisc files to my PC via USB ...

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I need an audio converter to transfer Minidisc and cassette files via USB to my PC.  I have a cassette deck with RCA red white L/R plugs and a minidisk deck and potable MD recorder/player walkmans with optical connectors.  Every cable I have bought doesn’t work.  I need one end to connect to the RCA red white plugs or the optical cable for MD and the other end to connect to my laptop - my PC - with a USB.  I use Audacity to separate tracks and iTunes to burn the playlist.  Do I also need a software programme that works with the converter to upload the files?  Or is the audio converter all I Need?  I have the XITEL MD-PORT DG2 - that came with one of my portable minidisc units, but nothing happens when I attach the USB.  My PC just acknowledges the connection.  I have no software to download, so it must be outdated.  A friend who bought a converter from you years ago suggested contacting Microcentre.  Can you help?



  • Heith
    i recommend you to use AMusicSoft Apple Music Converter, it supports all the audio formats and has a really fast speed.
  • JS_MC
    I'm not sure I fully understand your issue here @dekerivers57 Could you please help me better understand? I see that you've got a connector that allows you to input the audio from your player to the laptop and record using audacity. Is Audacity not recognizing the source or is there another issue that I missed?

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    I don't see anything purpose built for this in our inventory, but I'll give you a few options. One is this: https://www.microcenter.com/product/502979/avermedia-technologies-ezmaker-7-video-capture-for-your-mac-and-pc

    Now this is a video recorder. However, it will be detected by the PC as an input device, so you can record the audio input in Audacity. Another option would just be to record the 'video' without any video input, then extract the audio with the LAME codec for audacity.

    For a cheaper option, RCA Y splitter and a 3.5mm adapter. Connect to the microphone port on your PC and record. Probably not the best audio quality option, but it would work. And this should cover the general idea. To the PC it's just an input, you connect the device, you hit record, and you hit the play button. Stop recording when it's finished playing. Save the file to the desired format. Audacity is great for this, just make sure it's listening to the correct input.
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