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Custom PC Build

Hey All - im wanting to do a custom PC build at one of the georgia locations. I see most of the parts are sold out. are they able to order the parts? Can i still go in and tell them the build i want? 



  • Hello @Atlfit! Welcome to the Community. 

    Unfortunately we can't do special orders for parts. We typically try to restock computer parts within a week or so, depending on the specific item, but with how things are right now we can't provide any guarantees on how quickly we'll be able to get items back in stock. If we have alternatives available you're always welcome to come in and get assistance with your build of course, but if there are specific parts that are out you have your heart set on, my best advice would be to wait to see them back in stock on the website, then place a reservation once they're available. 
  • ok awesome! Thanks for the info 
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