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Computer Crashing

I recently built a new gaming PC. I had an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super GPU and I was experiencing issues with the computer crashing when loading games. I contacted Nvidia customer support and went through multiple attempts to fix it. All systems (windows, bios, graphics drivers, etc) are updated on my computer. They had me uninstall/reseat GPU/reinstall my drivers and it worked for 3-4 days. My computer then began crashing again. I figured it was a GPU issue so I purchased a Radeon 5070 XT GPU and installed newest drivers. I am still experiencing crashes. With the 2070, The fan would kick on very loud and the monitor would say lost connection to computer. I would have to hold down the power button to restart the computer. With the Radeon card, the screen goes grey and flickers, then gives me a blue error screen. It tells me I have a VIDEO TDR FAILURE and that the atikmpag.sys is what failed. I'm not much of a computer guy and just want this issue resolved so I can run my games. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
    Hello @Garrett! Welcome to the Community. 

    Before anything else, did you try doing a clean reinstall of Windows after getting the new GPU? I'd always recommend that first as it's the most reliable way to eliminate any potential software related issues. 

    If you've done that, and if the issue is present with two different video cards, it's likely that something else is causing the issue. I would try running the Windows Memory Diagnostic and see if it turns up any errors, and try running with a single stick of memory at a time just to be safe. If that doesn't fix it, it's hard to say exactly what the problem is without switching out other components. 
  • Thanks for the quick feedback, I haven't tried that yet but I will try it when I get home tonight. If it does not work, are you guys still offering repair services in store?
  • Hello @Garrett

    Our store is still open for drop off services, so we can definitely service and diagnosis your PowerSpec.
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