Water cooling problem

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I have a custom built computer with a Ryzen 9 CPU. I have a ThermalTake C360 Hard tube kit and I followed the instructions to the T. But when I start it up the CPU temps are rising from 60 degrees to 89+. I don’t know what’s wrong and why it’s rising. Does anyone else have this problem  or a solution. The pump/Res works and the water flows but it’s just the CPU that is not cooling 


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    Hello @Joker! Welcome to the Community. 

    If your pump is reading at the appropriate RPM, then the most likely cause for the temperature issue is that the water block is not making good contact with your CPU, or the thermal paste was not applied correctly. I would re-do the thermal paste on your CPU and make sure the water block is nice and snug on top of it before anything else. Make sure your pump is set to 100% at all times as well. 
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