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Webcam / Camera on HP Pavilion

I have an HP Pavilion HP BA011 7200U/8G/128/14/RT that I have had for about 2 years. Earlier this year the webcam / camera was not working at all. I was able to update and/or reinstall the drivers, and it has been working, but not great.  The color is shaded kind of pink, and the digital quality is not very clear. I have tried to make sure and update drivers, but they are up to date. Any other ideas or suggestions? I don't think it can be replaced. So another option is an attachment /accessory camera / microphone. (additionally, if there is a microphone on this machine, it has never worked).  Thank you. 


  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
    Hello @GAnderson! Welcome to the Community. 

    This is most likely just an issue with the webcam itself unfortunately. If it's capture video normally otherwise, that means the drivers are interacting properly, and the coloration/clarity would be something physical with the webcam. Some webcams included with laptops just aren't that great quality wise, unfortunately. 

    There should be an included microphone along with the camera, if that's not working you'll want to reinstall the audio drivers for your laptop. 
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