Getting “Bad Cable” unable to boot - reboot or reinstall boot drive”

Hi - hoping you all can help - we built on a MSI CARBON MPG X570 motherboard with a Radeon 5700 GPU. After getting it together except the WD 2T HD and the SSD, we hooked them up and it turned on and it booted up. We could not see the storage being read on the monitor after fiddling around with it, we reattached the HD and SSD to the wrong place (we think). It sparked and shorted out. I pulled everything and reset the power praying the the motherboard was not fried. It reset and turned on but now won’t reboot. The monitor reads: “Bad Cable” unable to boot - reboot or reinstall boot drive”
Help!  did we fry the HD?  What do we do?


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    Well, it's just telling you there's nothing to boot to. If these are brand new drives then that's accurate, there's no OS and nothing to boot to. If you tap "Delete" do the drives show in BIOS?
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