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Help finding a compatible enclosure for this SSD

I have an m.2 SSD I was given out of a friend's dead laptop. I wanted to make it into a portable, high-capacity storage drive, since it's 256GB. However, I have ordered 3 separate enclosures from multiple brands and sources online, all claiming they're compatible with it, and when they arrive, they are not compatible. I know the drive still works, because I slotted it into a different PC to check, and yep, all green. I did this after every compatibility fail, just to be really sure. All research I've done says it's AHCI, not standard NVMe. I'm kind of at my wits end here, and just want this thing to get working. 
On a whim, I also went to a different friend, and borrowed an enclosure for SATA and another for NVMe to see if those worked, and nothing from those, either. 
Any recommendations? The SSD model is: Samsung MZHPV256HDGL Rev 0 


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