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Yesterday I reserved a computer on line.  At the time it showed one in stock.  Today I received an email saying that my order was cancelled.  However when I look on line it shows one in stock.  I live about one hundred miles from the store and don't want to drive that distance if there is none in stock.  I cannot reach the store by phone, I get a long message and then it disconnects me.


  • TSTonyV
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    While it's rare, our online listings can sometimes be inaccurate. When we go to set up the reservation we physically look for the items to set them off to the side, and in this case they're not available so we cancelled the reservation. 
  • 1Bad7752
    If that's so then why did it show one in stock this am.  It would be logical to change the in stock number to zero.  I placed a new order today.  Now it shows zero in stock.
  • lfautobody
    edited May 2020
    I purchased an item on the site for pick up and I got an email saying that its now out of stock, If I payed for it and it was reserved for me how could it now be not available?
  • TSPhillipT
    Unfortunately, as said above, though rare, sometimes the listings are not accurate.  When we try to complete the reservation, and we do not see the item in stock on the shelf, we will send an email informing you the item is out of stock.  The holding we place on your account for that order should drop in a few days.  
  • APuskas
    I placed and order on the 26th and still have not received any information on when to pick it up. I try to call the store and there is a long message and says our hold line is maxed out. I want to know when I can pick up my computer.
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