Monitor blackscreening due to GPU issue (5700 xt)

Hi all,
I recently purchased a powercolor 5700 xt OC red dragon for my new build and have been experiencing some issues with my monitor black screening. It began when I was loading a game, when my monitor turned black and wouldn't respond. After manually rebooting my PC, my monitor wouldn't connect, and the only way I could fix this is by disconnecting my GPU and using the onboard graphics and then turning off my PC and reconnecting the GPU once again. I've tried using DDU to uninstall my drivers and reinstall them. However, I feel as though my efforts have only exacerbated the problem, as now my PC black screens when I try to reinstall drivers, whereas this was not a problem in the early stages of the troubleshooting efforts. I'm a noob at this sort of stuff, this is my first build, so I apologize if the solution is obvious or if I royally fucked up somewhere. I plan on going into microcenter soon to get some in-person help, but for the time being, any suggestions are appreciated.


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    It may be helpful to mention that when I first began using the card, when I used the newest drivers, everything worked fine, but the performance of the card was subpar. So I uninstalled those drivers with DDU, while not is safe mode (dumb I know), and installed the previous version, specifically as provided from PowerColor's website, (Still AMD drivers). With this new driver, performance was great, almost too great as I found myself worried the card may overheat with how hot and loud it was running. It was with these drivers the problems first emerged (after about a day or two of use), so it may be that I overheated my card, or that the PCIe cables were fried ( I checked for physical damage but didn't see any from the PSU or GPU side).
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    First things first, AMD actually provides their own tool to clean uninstall drivers, so you can use that instead of DDU:

    I'd also suggest reinstalling your chipset drivers, and in the worst case, you could reinstall Windows. 

    I used to have a 5700XT, and I ran into similar issues at times. AMD's newer cards unfortunately have a bit of a reputation for having unstable drivers. There's a number of things you can do to try to relieve the issue, besides reinstalling the drivers.

    If you have any other programs running often in the background like Discord, Chrome, Spotify, etc... disable hardware acceleration in them, that could potentially help. If your temperatures are getting a little high, try upping your fan curve or tweaking the power settings and/or clock speeds (if you go that route, I would recommend looking up some guides online for how to do this properly, because power tweaking shouldn't be taken lightly).  

    If the games you're playing allow it, trying enabling or disabling DirectX 12 API. I found that enabling DX12 in the games that support helped to reduce my crashing issues and it boosted performance quite a bit. 
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