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I called your phone, but of course the recorded message said that your on-hold queue was full, as it always is.  I'm inquiring about the status of my friend [removed name for privacy] laptop, which was sent to Dell for repairs a few weeks ago.  She can't inquire herself, because she has no computer.  Her computer is under warranty, and was dropped off at the St. David's, PA MicroCenter.  At one point, [name]managed to get through to your repair department, and was given the Dell service tag number 728467209 (or at least, that's what she wrote down).  When I entered it into the Dell Contact Us web page, it said the service tag was invalid.  I'm guessing that either your repair representative or [name] made a mistake in transmitting the service tag number to me.  If you're willing to phone me directly, my land line is [removed for privacy]  Please DO NOT phone me before noon.  I'm not simply looking for the status of the repair.  [name] wants to speak with Dell, and demand a new laptop.  I don't necessarily support her approach, but in order to contact Dell at all, we must have a valid service tag number.


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    Hello @bschmidt! Welcome to the Community. 

    I removed the personal information from your post, as this is a public forum and we'd like to protect everybody's privacy and not have personal contact information available. I'm going to private message you regarding this, please check your messages when you have the chance. 
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