Gateway sx2851-41 Upgrade? How far can I go? — Micro Center

Gateway sx2851-41 Upgrade? How far can I go?

Can my Gateway sx2851-41 be upgraded to do streaming?
It has:
Win 10, Intel 550 i3, Intel HD graphics, 1TB Hard Drive, 4 GB DDR3, DVD, Multi-in-1 Media Card
Let me know what/if you would upgrade before you would buy new computer.


  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
    edited May 30
    When you say streaming, do you mean live-streaming directly from your computer, or do you mean streaming/watching Netflix, Youtube, etc...? Because that would make a difference. 

    If you mean live-streaming from the computer, honestly I would just get a new system. It'd be far easier than trying to upgrade an old platform that you'd have difficulty finding parts for. If you mean streaming Netflix, Youtube and the like then the two upgrades I'd do would be add an SSD, and add 4GB of RAM to bring the total to 8GB. SSDs make a huge difference in the speed of your system and 8GB is pretty much the standard for modern systems. 

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