Can anybody recognize/identify this type of DIN-like 4 pin connector....

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Hello all...
Yes, I'm new here, but my question involves a unique, difficult-to-find 4 pin Mini DIN-like connector.
To give you a little background info, I use several EDIFIER brand self-powered audiophile quality speakers (specifically their models R1700BT and R1850DB).  These self-powered speakers are made in China, and are of audiophile quality and highly rated.  The problem is that they use these off-the-wall proprietary speaker cables to connect to one another and they provide you with 16-20 foot lengths which are entirely too long (I need a 6 -8 foot length). 
If I can identify the type of connector (and also where to possibly purchase them), then I can make some upgraded ones with better speaker cable.  Below are the photos of the cables along with the input on the back of the speakers showing where to plug them in.
Do notice that although these appear to be a type of mini DIN connector, their 4-pin arrangement is square/box-like and not like the typical spacing regimen you see on various standardized 4-pin mini DIN scenarios.
Can anybody help by accurately identifying this connector type and where I could possibly get them?  I've tried contacting EDIFIER, but since they are mainland Chinese company, my efforts at getting through to them or having them respond have been fruitless.


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    Hello @benherrmann! Welcome to the Community. After doing some research online, it looks like that would be called a "Kycon" 4-pin connector:

    As for where to get them, it seems the best place I found online was Amazon, but there may be other sources if you search around. 
  • benherrmann
    Wow - thank you sooooo much!  Amazon doesn't have the, but I found a few on eBay and am checking other sources.  Seems to be more prevalent in Southeast Asia where they are made and still available.  And here I thought I was up against a road and a hard place.  I was surprised to see this information today.  Thanks again...
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