Return Question - Can I return this?

Last weekend I bought all the parts for a complete build. (cpu, mobo, ram, ssd, case,tower heatsink, 3dcard, and some led RGB strips)  I finally got a chance to put the build together Friday. I spent all weekend trying to get it to boot with D.O.C.P. profile loaded. I even returned the memory I had originally bought and purchased a more expensive  better quality kit in hopes that it would work instead. Both kits are on the Asus ROG Strix B450-F Gaming QVL list.  I did some searching online and I have found that this motherboard has been having issues  memory issues for a while now. It also looks like Asus has stopped updating the Bios for it.  Usually when you purchase a motherboard that has been around for a little bit all the issues are already fixed.

Can I return this motherboard and purchase another one? 


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