Really bad experience, my order cancelled after I was told I could pick it up

I ordered the components for a computer build last week and received and email Friday saying that they were in stock and ready to pick up in Tustin.  I had to order the CPU elsewhere because it was out of stock but all other parts showed up as being in stock and had planned to bring the CPU in this morning to complete the build. This morning I received an email saying that my order was cancelled because SKUs were not in stock (but none were listed in the email).  When I look them up individually, I see that about half the components are no longer in stock.  I almost drove 50 miles to pick up an order that was cancelled at the last minute.  I have called from the time the store opened with no answer and no ability to leave a voicemail. Text messages have gone unanswered.  This is a terrible way to do business! 


  • TSTonyV
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    Hello @Elio! I looked up the reservation, and it appears it was placed on 5/28. The reason the order was cancelled was not due to availability, but because we only hold reservations for three days and they automatically cancel after that. Since it was placed and confirmed on the 28th, that means that Sunday May 31st was the last day to pick up the items. 
  • Elio
    I checked but I couldn't find anywhere that said I only have 3 days otherwise I would have come down to pick them up sooner.  Maybe that should be better disclosed.
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