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Does Micro Center in KC help with Macbook backup

Long story but yesterday I attempted to update  my operating system on my early 2015 macbook from High Sierra to Catalina. Something errorred out and so the update wasn't successful. And now its stuck without an operating system. However now I have still have my High Sierra on there as well as my Catalina download so I can't re-download another operating system because i don't have the space. Is Micro Center able to help? I'm in KC.  Apple said they can wipe it. That's eventually what I may do, but I want to attempt to back up my stuff since they said my files are still there...I just don't have a working OS to open up and get them. I could potentially bring in a external HD or another computer for backing up/transferring.


  • IanIan admin
    Greetings, yes our store service team is able to assist with data backups/transfers. An appointment is not needed for service, there may be some available online at Otherwise please visit the store with the computer and charger/power cable for assistance, store hours are 10am until 7pm. They can do it onto an external drive or another computer, either option is fine.
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