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Rear Panel Fan Compatibility

I purchased a PowerSpec G706 machine some time ago, and from what I can tell, the case is a LianLi Lancool 205. I have started making some adjustments to the machine as it runs a little warmer than I would prefer. I want to install an exhaust fan on the rear panel, but I am unsure what size fan the case can handle. From the official information I have found online, the case only supports two fans on the front panel and two on the top. I have seen builds with a fan on the rear panel, though.

Any insight is appreciated.


  • IanIan admin
    Greetings. You are correct on the case, it does have a spot for 1 rear fan of a 120mm size. 
  • TheITDadTheITDad ✭✭
    By the looks of it the rear exhaust should take a 120mm fan.  I base this on the fact that the case comes with 2 120 fans when you buy the case separately.  Also looks like the case supports 120 on the top and front, as well as 140 in the top and front.  The best way to be sure would be to look up the item number of your current fans online and see what size it is, and if that fan fits as an exhaust fan then buy that size.  Best of luck
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