Can I exchange earbuds that did not work out of box for the same product?

Hello Micro Center,
I bought Bluetooth wireless earbuds (SKU-075986, $19.99) on May 31, 2020.
One of the wireless earbud buttons does not depress; it is not usable at all. 
Am I able to exchange the defective earbud for the same product?
I understand there Micro Center has a return policy for earbuds due to COVID-19.
Micro Center, please help! Won't you please advise me?
I am asking because I live a bit far away and your telephone queue is full.
Thank you
A friendly person


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    Hello @Human75013! Welcome to the Community. 

    So to clarify a bit, if the earbuds are defective or unopened we can accept a return on them. It's only if they're opened and you just don't like them or they don't suit your preferences that we cannot accept a return. 
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