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I placed an online order for a laptop in which the store said they had 10+ in stock. 
How long will I have to wait till it’s ready for pick up

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  • AndrewGraye
    I'm purchasing an LG Monitor online form your Tustin, CA Location and would like to schedule a pickup, I stated paying for it but noticed your instructions that all pickups have to be paid for in person at the store. Which is it, please let me know if I can pick item up today. Thanks
  • TS_BryantA
    @AndrewGraye Good morning and thank you for your question. When placing an order for pickup from our Tustin, CA location it will prompt you for a Credit/Debit card for the order. This will place a $1 hold on the card for the duration of the 3 days the item is held, and upon pick up is when the remainder would be paid with the card in hand and card holder present. If the item is not picked up within 3 days, the order would then be automatically cancelled, and the $1 hold would drop from the card. 

    I hope this information has helped, but if you have any additional questions regarding online reservations, let us know and we will be happy to assist. Stay safe and have a great day!
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