Need help with a pc build, Budget 300-500, beginner the cheaper the better :) — Micro Center

Need help with a pc build, Budget 300-500, beginner the cheaper the better :)

Hi, I'm sort of new to pc. I've been playing console my whole life and want to expand. I only want to use a pc to play rainbow 6 siege along with some COD and be able to run shoe bots on it. If anyone can help source out good parts for a pc for me, I'd be very much grateful!!!!!


  • IanIan admin
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    Do you need peripherals such as monitor/mouse/keyboard as well? Quite honestly this budget is very low for a gaming PC so it will be difficult to get something that will run those kind of games at decent settings.
  • Yes I do. I don’t mind bumping up my budget a bit. Just want something that’s sustainable until I get really serious into pc gaming and slowly upgrade parts as I go
  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
    Do you know what kind of games you're playing, at least for now?
  • I play rainbow 6 siege and call of duty
  • TSTonyVTSTonyV admin
    I won't lie, it'll be pretty tough to play those games with that budget. This was the best I could come up with that came close:

    That does not include Windows, or any peripherals and still ends up about $540 before taxes. The CPU is about as low as I'd go for gaming, and the GTX 1650 Super for the GPU is currently the best new budget option. If you want to save money in the GPU category, I would look around for something like a used RX 580. You could downgrade the power supply a bit, but if you plan to upgrade in the future, it'd be better to stick with something a little better now to save some money in the long run. 

    The alternative would be to use a Ryzen 5 3400G by itself with no GPU, and stick with using the integrated graphics. The integrated VEGA 11 graphics are equivalent to about a GTX 750 video card. It would be difficult to run those two games even at low settings unless you lower your resolution, but it would at least be a placeholder until adding a discrete GPU later on. 

  • Thank you! I’ll most likely go based off of the parts you put together for me. Unfortunately I’d have to source out the parts from else where since it’s only in store pick up only. Thank you so much!
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