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HP Envy Laptop fan running and getting hot

My HP Envy Laptop will be a year old next week. About a month ago, the fan started running loud and the computer is getting hot.  I typically work on a kitchen table, using excel and the internet.  I have used canned air to blow out the vents but it hasn't helped.  The only thing that is different is that my company installed Splashtop Remote on my computer so I could work at home. I rarely use it, and the program doesn't automatically open.  My computer can start getting hot after only a hour of use.  I'm concerned the overheating could damage my laptop, but not sure what to do next. 


  • It's possible the fan has started to malfunction or there's dust stuck inside that's causing it to run hotter than normal, and therefor the fan to stay on more. For something like this, I would honestly recommend bringing your laptop into your local Micro Center and letting our repair desk take a look at it.
  • Thank you for the response.  I did call the local Micro Center but only got a phone message saying they weren't taking support calls at this time.  That was my initial thought, to take it in (the warranty is up in a few days).  I'll call again and see if I can get through to a person.  
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