Bad Customer Service

I placed an online order today for a Power Supply that was listed on the website, I entered my information and got the order confirmation a few minutes later. Not long after I got an email saying that my order was cancelled because availability issues and the email stated that I wasn’t charged for the order but my bank statement listed a transaction from MicroCenter. So I call customer support and I’m on hold for over an hour and when a representative finally answers she has the worst attitude, she tells me that the item is unavailable, so why list it as available on the website and let me go through with the transaction? They were quick to charge me for it without even knowing if it’s available and then I’m told that I have to wait several business days for that money to be returned because that’s up to my bank. I’m just very disappointed because this was my first time buying from MicroCenter and they just “took” my money and wasted my time. They should list items that are out of stock as OUT OF STOCK! People are better off buying from NewEgg since they at least write “Out of Stock” underneath a product when it’s not available. 


  • AlexS
    Greetings @NonReturningClient_ and welcome to the MC Community.  I'm terribly sorry for how your first experience with our store is going.  This is definitely not reflective of our values and how we operate.  I'll be opening a ticket to reach out to you because I would love for us to have the opportunity to turn this around.  
  • browndoginfotech
    edited August 2022

    Accidentally selected delivery instead of in store pickup.

    Drove to store but could not get the product before leaving the store without buying another one. WTF?!

    Called to cancel order.

    No confirmation of order cancellation.

    Was told, "Follow the tracking to see if the order was cancelled."


    "No refund?" I ask.

    "You will have to process it as a return." I am told. So I wait. A week later, no money, no product, no communication.

    Tracking now shows it was returned back to your Texas warehouse after coming to Atlanta first. (very green company you have here)

    Still no refund or confirmation of return or cancellation.

    No update from the rep I was working with via the phone. He never emailed me anything about my case or gave me a support ticket number.

    Worse experience of my life.

    Using Fry's from now on.

  • ChadMan

    I wish I had read more experiences like these before doing business with Micro Center.

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