A Very bad time each time I get in store.

First off let me say my account had been locked since 6/6/2020 . and it took over 4 days to get it unlocked via chat and phone call whilest being on hold for over 40minutes at a time, but luckily I got a hold of a person on  the phone and got account unlocked.
Second every time I enter the Bethel Road Store I get followed buy undercover security and workers the same. as if I were a thief. This is very discriminatory, and very bad.
Third I am now going to send you at Microcenter a bill for the time it has taken to get my account unlocked via phone hold time and chat time { In Which I was told they couldn't do and try to call you in 2 hours or later on in day responses.} Also including billing for discrimination where in as stated above I am constantly followed in your store by undercover security personnel and normal sales clerks each time I enter your Bethel Ave Store.


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