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Looking at doing our first build, we have an Alienware AW2518H monitor and this is a list of components we are wanting to get to build a gaming pc. If you have any recommendations on any of the parts please let me know or if we can go lower in price on them and still get a great gaming pc I'd appreciate the feedback
CASE: Lian Li o11 Dynamic Razer edition 
GPU: Nvidia 2070 Super RX EVGA FTW3 Ultra
CPU: Intel i9 9900k
MOBO: Gigabyte 2390 Aorus Ultra LGA 1151 ATX
RAM: Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16gb
MEMORY: WD Black 500gb & 1TB
COOLING: Nocuta NH D15(if it'll fit) or any Noctua that will fit and has great performance


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    Hello @Jamie84! Welcome to the Community. 

    Overall that's a powerful build, but there is one thing I'd change. If you're only using this primarily for gaming, personally I'd actually switch your processor to either an i5-10600k and then take the savings from that and put it towards upgrading the video card to a 2080 super. The 10600k has a lot of overclocking headroom and with a good overclock comes very very close to the i7 and i9 parts in gaming scenarios. If you don't want to "downgrade" the CPU, I'd at least switch from the 9900k to the 10700k, since they're essentially the same processor, but you'd save a little bit with the 10700k. 

    In either case you'd have to go with a Z490 board, but there are quite a few Z490 motherboards at the same price point as that Z390 Aorus ultra you had listed. 

    The NH-D15 is compatible with the LGA1151 socket on the Z390 board you have listed, and the LGA1200 socket on the Z490 boards has the same mounting specifications so it will work with those as well. 
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