Lian li Razer Case

I bought a Lian li razor edition case install went well but nothing is powering up. LEDs light up but that’s it. The motherboard have is Asus rog x470. Also Is it normal for the case to only have the a power switch there’s no hd led/power led etc. 


  • TheITDad
    Simplest things first, have you made sure that all the front IO cables are in correctly.  The positive and negative and all that.  Also does your board have a debug led on one side or the other, or a debug led screen that gives a number read out.  If so these can be extremely helpful in diagnosing why a system won't post.  For example in my last build my system wouldn't post first because the ram didn't get quite seated properly and I knew to check that because of the debug led's on the side of my mobo.  Then I didn't have the power cable for the GPU quite all the way in.  These issues without those led's would have taken a lot longer to diagnose and fix if it weren't for those led's.  So look for those and see if perhaps its just needing to re-seat some cables or if something else is wrong

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