Lian li Razer case

I bought a Lian li razor edition case install went well but nothing is powering up. LEDs light up but that’s it. The motherboard have is Asus rog x470-f  power supply is thermaltake toughpower  750 Watt and amd 3700x. Also Is it normal for the case to only have the a power switch there’s no hd led/power led etc. 


  • PowerSpec_MikeW
    PowerSpec_MikeW PowerSpec Engineer
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    This is the PC-011 Razer Edition, correct? Checked out he version we sell and it should have PLED HDD LED and PWR_SW. Sounds like you're getting standby power. Usual trick here is just to short the power switch pins to make sure it's not a problem with the power switch itself. That'll tell you where you are. Watch the fans carefully, if you see a quick turn of the fan or the standby power goes out after you try to power it on, you're getting a short somewhere. I'd pull the motherboard and try to POST on a piece of cardboard.
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