The worst

I ordered two Dell SE2719HR monitors online.  I picked them up in Cambridge a few hours later.  I discovered when I got home one of the monitors given to me was a SE2717HR even though the receipt said  two SE2719HR.  OK, no problem because everyone makes mistakes.  It's how you handle the mistake that counts. 

I sent a message through their web.  No response.  I related my problem on the customer survey emailed to me,  No response,  I chatted with someone who said they would relay the message to the store.  No response.

I tried hooking up the SE2719HR and it was DOA.  I called Dell and they could not help me because neither the monitor's Express Service Code nor the Service Tag was in their system.  What?  Is this a counterfeit?  I have since filed a dispute with my credit card company.  Your move Micro Center.  You are the worst.


  • C0v3rt_X
    @704set - Why not return it to the store? I would not purely rely on web services.
  • TS_BryantA
    @704set Good morning and thank you for forwarding your concerns to the Micro Center Community. I would like to apologize for your current experience and understand your frustrations in delays with contact. Unfortunately many of our contact channels are receiving enough reply requests that some messages have been taking 72 hours to receive them. 

    This of course does not excuse the condition of the items purchased, one not functioning and the other not being the product purchased. This is something that would be covered without issue. If you return both of these items in box to the store location and are within 30 days of the purchase, our management team would be happy to assist you with this. In regards to product not showing as purchased or registered on Dell's system, it may take between 1-2 weeks time for their registry to process this. Also know some of their product may need to be registered on their website directly. 

    I hope this has assisted and if you have any additional concerns or questions regarding this issue, please Direct Message me and let me know. Thank you again for contacting our Micro Center Community, stay safe and have a great day!
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