Question Regarding 3 Year Accidental Damage Protection Plan for desktop

I had some questions regarding 3 Year Accidental Damage Protection Plan for desktop.

Information regarding this plan was vague, and wanted to get an answer from here.

My understanding is that, with this plan, I would either get a complete repair, replacement unit or a store credit of a unit price without tax, even if the damage was completely my fault.

My question is this. Everything would be perfect if the unit was repairable or replaceable, but what if store credit wasn't enough to cover the same tier equipment? for example, if I buy a $1000 Desktop, It would cost me around $1100 including tax. And if I end up getting the store credit for this unit I would get $1000. If store credit works like gift card, I would only be able to get an equipment around $900+, since $900+ tax will be close to $1000. What happens in this case? or is there no tax if I repurchase parts using store credit?

Thank you.


  • TS_BryantA
    @charlie3 Good morning and thank you for posting this question on our Micro Center Community! 
    The Accidental Protection Plans would be priced based on the cost of the purchase at the time. If paying $1000 for the items and with tax this comes to $1100, $1000 is what is covered, as the plan pricing would be based on the cost before tax. Know this also does not include the cost of the plan and only covers the cost of the items purchased.

    If the items purchased to replace your previous system would exceed the amount of your store credit, the remaining difference would need to be paid. Tax would also be added and is not something covered by Micro Center as this would be charged by the State of your local store. 

    I hope this information has helped, and if you have any additional questions regarding our Protection Plans, many questions may already be answered here If unable to find your answers there, please let us know and we will be happy to assist. Stay safe and have a great day!
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