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Budget 150-200+ fps build

hey, i have a budget of 1,200 and im looking for a build that can push 200fps+ without overclocking, also would like to know the best build to run 200fps+ if i had the money to blow. Thanks!


  • This going to depend a lot on the kind of games you're playing and what resolution you're targeting. Is this going to be at 1080p? Are you trying to play new games at max settings? If you could also give us a rough idea of what you mean by "budget" that would be helpful. Even super budget builds can get high FPS in the right games if you lower your settings enough.
  • OsoOso
    Yes I’m planning on going 1080p
  • Something like this would be good I think:


    At the budget you have, I think a 2070 Super is probably the best option. It'll handle any game at 1080p with absolutely no problems. Depending on the specific title and your settings 150-200 FPS will be doable on plenty of games as well. You'll be able to run graphically intense games at high settings if you want as well, you just may not be able to get up to that 150-200 FPS range in those cases. 

  • Another thing to keep in mind is you want the GPU AND CPU to a symbiotic relationship. If one or the other is too weak the other will get bottlenecked. 

    Last tip DON'T SKIMP on your PSU @Oso
    You will regret it if you go too low as a general rule with PSU's best to go over what you need as it also then gives a bit of head room should you choose to upgrade parts. 
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