Will these items get restock?

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Hello Micro center reps, will these following items get restock anytime soon? They have been out of stock for quite a while. My home store is at Tustin, California Store one. 

1. GIGABYTE AORUS B450 PRO WIFI (REV.1.0) Motherboard
3. AMD Ryzen 3100 or 3300X (they are released right???)
4. NZXT H510  (white and black cases)
5. PowerSpec 650 Watt PSUs
6. EVGA PSUs. 
7. NZXT H510i ( with led strip one) (white and black cases)
8. Will second gen Ryzens coming back???  (2600, 2700X...etc)

Thank you. 


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    Hello @ROGFan1997! Welcome to the Community. 

    Unfortunately, we can't offer anything exact as for when the items will be available again. The motherboards, cases and power supply we typically try to restock within a week or so, but I'm not sure when a shipment may arrive and motherboards in particular have been low availability right now. 

    The Ryzen 3 3100 and 3300X are kind of up in the air. We will have them at some point, but availability has been very low for those parts everywhere. My hope is that we'll have them within the next couple weeks, but we just don't know at this point. 

    The second generation Ryzen CPUs will likely not be coming back. We've discontinued them and while there's a small chance we might have a little stock left at our warehouses, that's very unlikely and I would not bet on them being available at our store again. 
  • hello micro center, I couldn't manage to make a discussion about this so im commenting this post. I want to know if in my home store Dallas you guys will be restocking the Ryzen 5 3600 x and the PowerColor rx 5700 xt red devil, hope you can respond as quickly as possible. 

    thank you
  • JS_MC
    @Samuel_gomez Welcome to the community.
    We're not sure when we'll be receiving our next shipment. Typically, we'd get shipments every 1-2 weeks. However, current releases have made our shipments of the previous generation CPUs and GPUs erratic. It's possible that we may not be getting new shipments of these items. Hopefully, we'll have some soon, but currently, no ETA.
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