Custom PC Build diagnosis at Flushing Microcenter unreliable

So I have a custom build (Ryzen 5 1600, GTX 1060, X370 Prime Pro) that is struggling and stuttering across the whole system. The problem is that nothing on any software diagnostic or hardware diagnostic indicated any issue (reinstalled windows, memtest, disk check, GPU benchmark etc) so it was especially frustrating as you can imagine.

Get this; I left it over at Microcenter in Flushing in early March with the "Certified Technicians" and paid $40.00 for a "diagnosis". I imagine these guys are putting very little effort in because the only progress that was made in 3 months was reseating RAM, reseating GPU, benchmarking GPU and applying new thermal paste onto the CPU even though it was never overheating to begin with. The certified technicians decided that after applying the thermal paste that it must have been the issue and just told me to pick up my PC. Evidently it wasn't the issue as it persisted. I imagine they want nothing to do with actually swapping out and testing hardware? The kid at the front desk was giving me a hard time and told me they only have a ryzen 3 and some other AMD CPU that's apparently not stable with AM4 motherboards or something and then implied to me that my CPU was outdated (Ryzen 5 1600????). He also tried to tell me that the service was fulfilled and that my problem was resolved (it wasn't). Then on top of that he told me since it's been 90 days they don't have to continue the diagnosis. I told them that's not fair because they are the ones who held it for 90 days doing nothing. Then they hesitated and told me they'll try again and now I imagine I"m gonna go through this loop again with them not actually doing anything for a month.  

I came to my own conclusion that maybe it's an SSD failure since it's a 1st gen Samsung 850 EVO (sata) or perhaps the CPU is in fact failing but not reporting it. Ironically I can't really test for myself because 1) I don't have spare parts 2) The PC is with the circus at Microcenter repair services still. Here's some clips of some in game instability and stuttering (Keep in mind the stuttering and lagging is system-wide even on the desktop and it lags with basic windows animations like opening up a minimized app)


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