Forced to spend $5,000 just to go to work

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Bought a laptop, that I returned due to horrible customer service.  Now, this morning I have to purchase another laptop in order to go to work totaling $5000 out of pocket.  Because Microcenter loves to hold any funds they receive for an excessive time period.  Seeing that they still have 2 reserve orders they have been holding my $1 on for the past 6 days, I’d only assume my refund to a debit card will surpass that.  Whenever your done playing with my funds I’d like to be able to pay my mortgage and grocery’s this week.  Just avoid this place all together, given its great when everything goes according to plan, but hopefully you don’t need to receive money back.  If you do remember it’s your banks fault not them lol. 


  • MOreilly
    I had an issue with a purchase on 6/11 in Westmont IL.  I received a survey filled it out truthfully, and surprisingly contacted by management the same day.  Asking to explain. The situation and how to make a better shopping experience on my next visit.  When I respond to that email, I get no response back, so as I stated in the review, the whole survey process is a BS way to try to keep a customer without trying to do anything.  

    Even after reiterating that I would much rather shop with Micro Center over Best Buy and Amazon.  I even said I would come back to the location and purchase the MacBook I returned as long as it was still available and not factory reset.  But no response to that idea, I wasn’t looking for any compensation discount nothing.  Just wanted the ordeal to be over and done.  But I guess answering if the item is still in store was asking too much lol.  Not only that I was forced to borrow money from a friend to purchase the same MacBook off of amazon (which kills me inside lol) this morning and expedite shipping , because there is still no sign of a refund in my bank account and I guess the store is too busy for such things as $2300 sales. 

    Why?  I mean how hard is it?  Is Micro Center making so much money during the plandemic that it can’t be bothered with peons?  Please give me some kind of explanation, cause this whole weekend has made me never want to go to the store again.  And I loved that place lol, how sway 
  • Ian
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    I have opened a ticket on this and will be contacting you via that ticket for further assistance.

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