WinBook TW801 won't update Windows 10 - Out of space

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My old tablet updated to version 1607, but chokes on vers 1903, saying it's out of space. This tablet has 32 GB storage, and 2 GB Ram.  Would a clean install of Windows 10 fix it, or is that now requiring 32 GB?  Should I reformat ALL of the storage, including Recovery partition, and the 3 others?  It ran fine on Win10 before this....


  • TS_JosephF
    Hello @grpnkc
    I already responded to your other post about deleting the other partitions. I did not realize you are just trying to create enough space to update Windows. 
    First, I recommend uninstalling any unused or unwanted programs. There is a lot of software that comes pre-installed on Windows 10 that is not required for the PC to run. You can easily do this by right-clicking on the start button then click Apps & Features at the top. This will display the list of programs that are installed. Once you click on a program, a uninstall button will appear. 

    You can also use disk cleanup to free up some drive space as well. It is quite simple to do. You can just search for 'Disk Cleanup' in the Windows search bar to get to this. Then you will see an option to 'Clean up system files'. Select what files you would like to remove then click OK. 

    Reinstalling Windows can solve this issue as well. Just make sure when you create the Windows 10 USB it is an updated version of Windows 10. Then, yes, you will just delete all partitions when reinstalling so you are left with just unallocated space. Select that and click next and Windows will create the partitions it needs. 
  • PowerSpec_MikeW
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    What I would suggest here is downloading the ISO file onto an SD card or flash drive from here:

    You can mount the ISO file and try to run the installer that way. It'll require less disk space. 

    You can run a clean install, It can be a bit painful reinstalling the drivers manually if you haven't done it before, as they are multiple system devices that need to be updated individually as an example, but we can provide some guidance there.
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