online order reservation has gone to ???

Once upon a time, I had the ability to do online orders to pay in the store. I do understand someone adding a verification method of some sort because of people gaming the system and reserving things but never picking it up. Now, I am unable to even reserve with a credit card. Error: "The Credit Card Information entered was incorrect or invalid, please try your order again." I triple-checked the card and it is typed correctly. I check with the bank and it is just fine on their end. Okay... well, I do have a Micro Center branded card so I go to enter that. No, wait, it is just a branded card and does NOT have an expiration nor security code.

Micro Center: Do you not want my business anymore? Please tell me that the same morons who took down Circuit City are not handling Micro Center! I love the quality of the service, the selection, the smart people working at the stores, and on the phones. What happened? Please fix this ASAP so I don't read about Micro Center going bankrupt in the future as Circuit City did for incompetence.

Oh, and having the phones hang up on people is a really nice touch. I called back about 9 times and finally got into the phone menu hell only to get disconnected with some weird error after 43 minutes. Nice... -_-


  • ericward
    I went to the local store and the staff was as wonderful as always. The manager told me that the credit card verification process does draw $1.00 from the account in the process of verification. This might have been the issue, but NOWHERE does it state that this will happen on the webpages I was seeing. THIS needs to be added in a clear language where the credit card information is being entered.

    I do understand why the Micro Center branded card is not allowed for identification or verification, but this needs to be fixed as well. If a bank backs someone to hold a Micro Center card, it should be good enough to identify someone as the person placing the order. Especially when that same person is bringing that same card to purchase the very items being reserved! What lawyers had their heads where the stupid laws come from?
  • TSTonyV
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    Hello @ericward! Welcome to the Community. 

    Sorry for the late reply on this one, must've missed your thread when you posted it the other day. I'm glad you were able to get it sorted out at the store. The change to reservations putting a $1.00 hold on credit cards is a more recent system we've implemented in the last couple of months, but it shouldn't work any differently than entering a credit card for a shipping order or something along those lines. I'm not sure why it would've rejected your card if your bank confirmed there weren't any issues, it could've been something temporary on our end causing it, hard to say. Regardless, we appreciate the feedback as we're always looking to improve our systems, and of course if you have any other questions feel free to reach out to us and we'd be happy to help. 
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