Ryzen 3000 series on B350 Motherboards.

Hi! I just have a question regarding Ryzen 3000 cpus.
I am currently using a ASUS ROG STRIX B350-F GAMING Motherboard with Bios Version 5220. Will it work with Ryzen 5 3600 processor? Im looking to upgrade from 1600.  Are there any significant disadvantages of using 3rd gen ryzen on B350 boards other than PCIE 4.0 support? 

Thanks!   Stay safe everyone!


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    You are able to use that processor with that motherboard if you have BIOS version 4801 or later on it. If you don't have that BIOS version, you can download the BIOS file from ASUS website and then update it. Your motherboard manual should provide instructions on doing a proper BIOS update. 

    I'm not familiar with the exact quality of that motherboard, so I can only comment in general terms. Some of the first and second generation Ryzen boards didn't play very nice with the third gen chips, even with a BIOS update. It just depended on your specific model and which 3rd gen CPU you had. I believe the problems were more prevalent with the higher end Ryzen chips that have higher power draw like the 3700x or 3900x. 

    You most likely will not encounter any problems, but I can't 100% guarantee that. I would probably do some research online to see if anybody else is running a 3600 with the Strix B350-F and see what kind of experiences they've had. If it's generally positive, then I'd say update your BIOS and pick up that 3600. 
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