Can I have someone else bring in my PowerSpec PC for repair under the warranty?

Having trouble getting a response from customer support because of the crazy times we live in. I ordered a PowerSpec PC over a month ago (so outside return window) with at least one major issue: the GPU fans never spin up and eventually it seems to overheat and the screen goes black. Driver/BIOS/Windows reinstall didn't help, and since even during the boot process the fans don't spin it seems to be a hardware issue.
I do not live near a MicroCenter but have relatives who live near one.
Does anyone know if you personally have to be the one to bring the device in to have it repaired or can someone else do it as long as they have whatever necessary paperwork is required? And does anyone know what that paperwork might be aside from the order confirmation (pretty sure that's all I got)?


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    You don't have to personally bring the system in, if somebody else is able to bring it in for you that would be fine. Just make sure that if they do, and you plan to be the one to pick it up, that they mention your name as somebody authorized to pick it up from service. 

    As for documentation, if they have the receipt that would fine, and we can look up the purchase information with the serial number on the unit. You won't really need anything else besides that. 
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