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Trouble inserting cpu

I am having trouble inserting my cpu (Intel Core i9 9900k) into my motherboard (MSI Z490-A Pro). On the bottom, there's something sticking put on each side which does not let the cpu drop. Is there anything I can do?


  • TheITDadTheITDad ✭✭
    yeah so when intel launched the z490 mobo's they only support the newest intel CPU's.  Namely the 10900k and down.  The 9900k requires a z390 mobo to work.  Sorry, you need either a new mobo or cpu.
  • To confirm what TheITDad said, the Z490 motherboards use the LGA1200 socket, while the 9900k uses LGA1151. It won't fit. 

    That said, I would recommend just exchanging the 9900k for the 10700k. The i7-10700k is essentially just a 9900k in a new package and it would fit your Z490 board. 
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