Desktop beeds off screen in all 4 directions

Purchased an open Box Lenovo ideacenter 510a Monday.  Fired it u last night and it has a weird problem.  The desktop bleeds off my screen in all 4 directions,.  Mouse also tracks off the screen in all 4 directions.  Taskbar is lost below the bottom of the screen, activity boxes X in top right is above the screen on top right.  I can mouse off the screen and by trial and error discover them, but it is not conducive to an efficient usage.

I did some internet research and though perhaps the machine was in tablet mode, but that is not the case.  Have run all of the Win10 updates, and that has not solved the problem.

What can I do?


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    Hello @garyhunz! Welcome to the Community. It sounds like maybe your resolution or scaling have been improperly set. It could also have to do with graphics drivers. 

    Right click your desktop then go to display settings. Check if the resolution is set to the "recommended" option. After that, right click your desktop background again and look for something like "intel graphics settings." Under general settings, look under "display scaling" and check what it's set to. Normally it would be set to maintain display scaling, but try the other scaling options and see if anything changes. 

    You can also download/update your video drivers from Lenovo's website. That would be worth a shot if these other options don't work. 
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