Hard Drive Overhaul

I am needing to replace my hard drive, as after 8 years, it is making clicking noises, indicating that it is not doing so well. It has been operating as a gaming computer, with a 1 TB Hard Drive, 7200 RPM. I need to know how important the RPMs are to this whole thing, as it has been a long time since I built the computer, and forgot a few things on how important certain specs are. I would prefer a 4 TB hard drive. This is because I want the space in case something unexpected comes up in the future. I have a Seagate, but I am not sure they are as good now as they were then. 

I also want a SSD Drive to be added as well. This would be to allow for faster bootup times, plus for a handful of games that run better on the SSD. I'm not sure of any what specs I would want on the SSD though.


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