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Console Streaming/Gaming Build 1080p

Hey guys,
First time PC build thats going to be used for streaming console games and playing games like PUBG at 1080p. I'm new to this PC world so I hope im going in the right direction and could use some guidance. I have attached my parts list here. I'm trying to stick around $1000-1200. I already have the monitor, Keyboard/Mouse, and capture card (Elgato HD 60S). Any help would be great!


  • TSIanLTSIanL admin
    Greetings. Everything you have picked out there looks really good for the price. There isn't much I would really change, you may want to look into getting additional storage such as a regular 3.5" hard drive, as in a 1-2TB drive.

  • TheITDadTheITDad ✭✭
    Your build is really solid, only thing I would change is to be sure to shop around for power supplies.  While the one you picked is by no means a bad supply even for that price but a 600 or even 550 watt supply would work and if you can snag one for closer to 100 bucks you can use that money to throw at a 7200rpm 2 tb seagate drive to get that storage up to an acceptable level.  Amazon is a good place to check and even newegg.  Power supplies are tricky at the moment because they seemed to be hit harder by the stock disruption that has come about by the human malware that has come across the world.  So I would monitor a few sites and listings and as soon as you can get one closer to 100 bucks I would pull the trigger.  But if you must buy now feel free, this build is about perfect and you can always buy an extra hdd in a few weeks when you can spare another 50-100 bucks.  Enjoy building.
  • I definitely appreciate the feedback! I will keep my eye out for the PSU as well. Glad that my research has paid off and I'm on the right track for getting a decent pc built!
  • It's a solid build.  You got DDR4-3600 for the Zen 2 platform which is optimal. 1:1 mclk and fclk.  The power supply is in a good range, little more than you -need- with the 2070 Super, but a good PSU as was mentioned above is always a good investment. EVGA's Supernova series right now, is as good of a power supply as you'll find.
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