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Bios Loop

IDK what happened to my computer but It was working fine then i tried turning it on later on and it keeps booting me to Bios Settings. I put load default settings and restart and it just keeps booting me back to bios in a Bios Loop. Anybody know what to do?


  • Usually when this suddenly happens, it means the hard drive has become disconnected, or isn't being detected by the motherboard which could be due to hardware failure. In your BIOS, there should be something like a Boot Order or Boot Priority that shows any bootable devices. Check it and see if your drive is showing. 

    If it's not, try disconnecting and reconnecting the hard drive, or plugging it into a different SATA port on your computer (assuming it's a desktop and not a laptop). If it is showing, make sure it's set to be the primary boot device. 
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