i9 10900k - availability manipulated?

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This product was not available in Store (Denver) today June 23 at 6:50 am, then at 7:02 am there were 6 available, I reserved it at that time, everything was fine, then a cousin also reserved it at approximately 8 am, I have 2 order numbers, they even made the charge of verification to my credit card, a couple of hours later they canceled my order, my cousin's also, and when I returned to the page, it tells me that there was 1 still, I made the reservation again and 10 minutes later they canceled it again, and after that it was "out of stock", I feel that availability is being manipulated in the store, my cousin went there and they told him that the product has not been available or has not arrived at the store today, if so, why was it available online today? Why even after the first canceled, do you let me make a new reservation? Why would they update the page just when it was time to empty the container and register the new products for the store? many unknowns for my tastes


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    I don't know exactly what happened, but the SKUs were most likely added in by mistake and because reservations aren't actually processed until the store opens up and we have our sales associates in the store, it didn't get caught until then. Mistakes can happen occasionally unfortunately. 
  • ReXlorD
    What causes me noise is how the facts occurred, I understand that the stores, when new inventory arrives, it is scanned and automatically added to the system and, in this case, they are made available online from this particular store, it is when the option of "reserve now" is activated and they charge 1 dollar to my credit card for verification, because if not, this would not happen, I have been monitoring this product for more than 1 month since it was launched, stores by department and online stores, of course I am frustrated, I have all the pieces to put it together since then and I still cannot because of the absence of this processor, but I have seen the behavior of the stores and I think this situation does not go by mistake , hopefully and I am the one who is wrong, however I will try again and better document the facts along with those of today
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    We do apologize for the trouble with your order. This just sounds like an issue with the inventory like Tony has stated. When you place the order, it'll remove the item from inventory on our site. At this point we should be doing a count and correcting the total number. However if we cancel it and the total is still positive, it's going to show that item listed on the site again. That's our fault and we need to get that corrected. That's all I could tell you here. We can put you in contact with a  manager at our Denver store to get more details on this if you like.
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