Online order pick up

 I put in a order for several thing put in my card info and got charged 1 dollar  now there is nothing on my profile saying anything about pick up times or anything 


  • Tutorlisa610
    Trying to get a number to pick 😑
  • Tutorlisa610
    I see others getting here and leaving and I don't have a number. 
  • TSPhillipT
    Hello @AesopJock1
    You should receive an email (if you haven't yet) when your order is completed and ready to be picked up.  We will then hold it for 3 days after the day you receive the email and you can pick it up anytime we are open during those days.

    Hello, welcome to the Community!  Are you having issues getting inside the store?  If you are, have you spoken with the greeters by the entrance?  They will either let you inside the store or if the store has reached max capacity, they will add you to the wait list and get some of your information so they can text you while you wait.  
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