Exchange for Malfunctioning Part

Hello, I built a PC for my nephew back in December for Christmas and now the task manager is showing 100% Disk Utilization constantly. The computer is running extremely slow, and this just started happening three days ago. I contacted his father since I am out of state and could not help and I had him try a clean boot, nothing same issue. I also had him restore the PC to an earlier point, did not work. Had him reformat the HDD (mechanical HDD) and reinstall windows from scratch, same issue.

After doing some research, I think the issue is either the RAM or the HDD itself. These parts are hardly over 6 months old and I forwarded my nephews father the receipt from the time of purchase. This purchase was made with a debit card, can he bring the item in with that recipe and receive an even exchange or do I have to be present?


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