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Help finding correct adapter piece

I need to use my SIM card from my HP Pro x2 Tablet in my new laptop HP Elitebook 840 G5.  Can anyone tell me what part that would be and if you have one in stock?


  • Are you sure the laptop you have has broadband capabilities?  Not all the 840 G5 computers do.

    If it does, then there should just be a slot on the side with a little tray you can pull out to put a SIM card in, but if the laptop does not have broadband capabilities, it will be a non-removable plug. 

    If you're not sure, go to Device Manager, then go to the Network Adapters category and expand it. You should see an ethernet adapter, a wifi adapter, and a broadband adapter which might be labbeled as a WWAN adapter. It will likely saying something like "broadband" or "LTE" in the adapter's name. 
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