Help buying 2 motherboards for kids computers

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I am building 2 identical computers for my kids.  I have most of the components purchased except the motherboards.  

I found that my local Microcenter had a bunch of the new low-end b550 mATX boards in stock, but the local store won’t sell me 2.  I asked for an exception to the 1 per household restriction on them, and was told there were absolutely no exceptions.  

Is there really no way around this?  It’s not like I’m trying to buy up all of their inventory, they have 10+ in stock according to the website, and I need 2.

Any suggestions appreciated.


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    Depending on the situation, sometimes the limit 1 may have no exceptions. For something like this, you'd want to speak to a manager directly. If it was a manager who told you this, unfortunately there's not really anything we can do, as they ultimately have final say. 
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