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Hi. I was going to buy the Alienware aurora R11 PC through dell, but it would not ship until august 6th. I have a list of parts from the specific PC I was going to buy, and was wondering if I came into a micro center store, would an employee be able to build it for me. If so, how long would that take? If the store does not have all the parts I would need, would an employee be able to replace that part with a different but just as good part?
Would it be easier just to come into the store and give a certain price range and certain games that I would like to be able to run smoothly, and then have an employee select parts and build the PC that meets the criteria? 


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    We do offer custom build services, you can find more details and pricing for those services on our website here:

    Turnaround time for a build will vary depending on your local store. Sometimes it's doable same-day, other times it could take a few days. Just depends on how busy the service desk is. If we don't have a particular part available, we would look for something equivalent/comparable. 

    If you give us a certain price range we can definitely work with you to put something together that will give you the best value at that price. If you want to take inspiration or get something similar to that Alienware, that's perfectly fine as well. As long as you give us a good idea of what you want, we'll put something together that works.
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